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R-2800 Engine

R-2800 Engine, San Diego Museum of Flight at Balboa Park. Taken late December, 1998 by me.

Variants of the Pratt and Whitney R-2800 engine powered all of the Corsair line, with the exception of the F2G series, which were used the R-4360. Click on the image above to see a higher resolution version. Below are specifications for these engines, and some links where more information can be found.

R-2800 Specs R-4360 Specs
Cylinders 18 28
Cyl. X Row
9 X 2 7 X 4
Displacment 2800 Cu. In. 4360 Cu. In.
Max. Hp. 2500 Hp. 3500 Hp.
Weight 2350 Lbs. 3500 Lbs.
Links Specs on the R-2800
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And still more on the R-2800
Info on the R-4360
More R-4360 stuff

Additionally, a brief essay on the R-2800 has been contributed by Tom Drennan. Read it here.

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