Other Corsair Photos II

More photos like these on Other Corsair Photos I!

Below are several Corsair photos taken by people other than myself, and given to me to post here. They retain all rights to them.

With the exception of the first, all photographs depict Royal Navy Corsairs based at Brunswick, Maine, USA during 1943-44. For further information about these photos, please contact Oozthajorn@aol.com

F4U's on HMS Formidable

Royal Navy F4U-1A in flight over the US

F4U Crash on Sebago Lake, Maine. Low-flying incident.

Another shot of the same crash

Nose-over accident

And another

Collapsed main gear. Same Aircraft ID as above

Taxiing accident

F4U following crash at airfield.

Another set of photos from Oozthajorn@aol.com. These were taken at the Imperial War Museum's Duxford facility in 1990.

More photos like these on Other Corsair Photos I!

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